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Moon Bay

$BAY Token, a cornerstone of the TSD x Moonmasters ecosystem, promises to revitalize the DeFi and Art spaces. Serving as a multi-functional currency, it will fuel various activities such as live auctions, marketplace transactions, and events within the Moon Bay platform. What sets the $BAY Token apart is its substantial support from one of the most active communities on the Fantom Network. Over the past year and beyond, weve meticulously forged connections, enabling $BAY to bridge the gap between Art and DeFi effortlessly. In light of the recent slowdown in the NFT market, we believe that $BAY Token emerges as a beacon of innovation, pointing the way towards a fresh and viable path. It presents an unprecedented opportunity for artists, projects, and individuals to infuse a DeFi component into their work, thus stimulating additional revenue streams. This promising prospect addresses the revenue shortage observed in various sectors of the digital space, marking the $BAY Token as a potential game-changer for creative endeavors and investment opportunities alike.

Bay Tokenomics


$BAY Token supply will be determined by the claim activity but will have a Base Emissions of 1 $BAY per wallet when claims launch on top of Presale amount sold/Bribe Fund/LBP.

Presale Supply- 2697361.72 $BAY

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool - 809208.52 $BAY

Bribe Supply - 539472.34 $BAY (Will be Burned if not needed)

Claim Supply - 6 years base emission

Total Supply - 4046042.58 $BAY + Claim Supply(Between 0 - 896,400 $BAY Over 6 years)


$BAY Tokens can be claimed once every 24 hours, based on your Moon Master NFT holdings.

There is a claim multiplier based on your Moon Master NFT holdings.

The amount of $BAY minted to your wallet during a claim is based on the Base Emissions times your Multiplier.

(Example. Base Emissions 1 x12 (Holding 5+ Moon Masters)= 12 $BAY minted to your wallet)

If you own more than 5 Moon Masters, you may want to consider splitting them into multiple wallets to maximize your claim multiplier.

Moon MastersClaim Multiplier (Once per 24 hours)


Base Emissions will be 1 to begin Epoch 1

Emissions will end after 24 Epochs

Epoch: 3 month

Total Emissions could range from 0 to 896,400 over 6 years, depending on amount of claim activity.


Moon bay key

Every claim you make comes with a chance to mint a Moon Bay Key NFT! These keys arent just for show - they unlock chests filled with additional rewards! When you make a claim, keep an eye out for a second transaction in the dispenser. This could be your chance to mint one of these rare keys! To unlock a chest, youll need to gather three keys. Once you have them, you can deposit them into the chest and reap your rewards. But thats not all! You can also buy and sell these keys on the Moon Bay Marketplace. This adds a whole new layer of strategy and opportunity to your Moon Master experience.

Moon Bay Auction Exhibit

50% of BAY Tokens spent in the Moon Bay Exhibit on TSD Listings are burnt, lowering the supply, acting as a counter inflationary mechanism to the slow claim emissions rate.

50% of BAY Tokens spent in the Moon Bay Auction Exhibit on TSD Listings go to the Bribe Fund.

100% of BAY Tokens spent in the Moon Bay Auction Exhibit on individuals listings goes to the seller. Whitelisted addresses only.

Moon Bay Marketplace

Featuring 0% fees on buying and listing!

Liquidity Pool

BAY Token Liquidity


Our initial BAY LP pool will be on Equalizer Exchange as it is rising as the most used defi platform on Fantom Network

Liquidity Pool

WFTM/BAY - Equalizer

Starting Liquidity:

TSD Treasury purchased BAY Tokens paired with WFTM in WFTM/BAY LPs


Scheduled Buybacks of BAY and Locks of EQUAL using Treasury Funds and Rewards


APR will be based on how much veEQUAL voting power used towards WFTM/BAY each Epoch. TSD is currently acquiring EQUAL through yield farming in preparation.


Bribes will be added to WFTM/BAY pool to incentivize voting on WFTM/BAY, increasing its APR.


With locked EQUAL, you can acquire Voting Power through veEQUAL Nft. When Voting on a pool with Bribes, you can earn Bribes/fees weekly, shared proportionally to all votes placed on that pool.

TSD has been accumulating EQUAL and can see us as a top holder here on Equalizer Wars.


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